Thursday 18 June 2015

Baby Acne Remedies - Easy Way To Treat Your Baby's Acne

Baby acne is one of the skin disorders, which affect the baby. There are more than 20 percent of newborn babies are get acne. Actually, baby acne treatment for a simple way. This acne can be effectively removed and easily. As I've explained in my previous article, that the baby acne appears because it is caused by maternal hormones that stimulate the sebaceous oil glands of your baby passes through the placenta. 

This hormone causes acne bumps and red spots all over the baby's skin to irritate the baby's sebaceous glands. Baby acne can also arise due to the influence of the baby or the mother's drug taking. Acne may occur in the baby's face, back, neck and chin. Looks like whiteheads or acne that is surrounded by a reddish color.
Baby Acne Remedies

 Baby acne can appear at any time when the time of birth or during the one-month-old baby. And usually this baby acne will disappear by itself in the age of the baby five months. Perhaps that annoying itch for your baby.

Baby Acne Remedies

As already explained repeatedly that the handling of baby acne is quite simple. You only need to wash the baby's face with water and mild soap once a day soft. You are advised not need to rub the acne or even your baby's skin and pat it dry. You do not need to do it excessively as it will only worsen the condition of baby acne and certainly will cause irritation to the baby.

Benzoyl Peroxide so my recommendation to use, another solution could be using acne medication or baby khusu accordance with medications recommended by your pediatrician. You should also use a solution of ionic silver or hydrocortisone solution because it can kill the bacteria that cause irritation of acne bati, so it will remove and eliminate acne baby. Besides it can reduce itching and promote the growth of healthy new skin.

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