Wednesday 17 June 2015

What Causes Baby Acne and Its Cure

Naturally wherever the mother must be worried about their babies and mothers especially for new inexperienced and first of all, overcome the babies disease. Baby acne is a common condition that affects newborns and cause concern to mothers who have not experienced. This is something that is important for parents to pay attention and understand what causes acne appears in newborns and how to cure the condition.
what causes baby acne

 Understanding the cause of acne in newborn babies

In general, the growth of acne in teenagers is caused because the release of sex hormones, during their pubritas. However, newborns may develop a white head as a result of maternal androgens are then forwarded from mother to child during birth. Newborn babies can also be exposed to androgens from the mother through breastfeeding. Exposure to maternal androgens also cause the baby to develop a hormone that is similar to the development of teenage hormone during puberty.
Just like acne that affects teenage, these conditions arise when oil blocks in excessive oil glands found in the skin. When the natural oils produced by the body is blocked and clogged to exit through the pores, the oil glands to swell and infection occurs.

How the baby acne can arise when a newborn

Baby acne usually appears as whiteheads are commonly found on the cheeks, forehead, chin, neck, and in some cases at the back of the baby. Usually, baby acne appears after birth or when the baby was 3 weeks. This condition is exacerbated when the baby feels hot, and consequently normally, the baby will be fussy or uncomfortable feeling angry. Another cause of irritation on baby's skin is attributed to saliva, soap, clothes are washed using harsh detergents and spilled milk on the affected area.

What you should know about acne in newborn babies

Most parents are curious and want to know if the baby acne is painful? And the answer baby acne does not cause pain in babies. put the baby in loose clothing to keep baby's skin cool and prevent annoying condition for the the baby because baby clothes rubbing against.

Curing baby acne 

Usually plague whiteheads, will disappear by itself, it will usually disappear within a few weeks, when it affects your baby. Consultation with a pediatrician is highly recommended if your baby is suffering from a severe case of acne the baby. Severe acne outbreaks the baby, if acne is already swollen, inflamed pimples and in extreme cases is a liquid out of baby acne. There are also in some cases white head your baby to survive in the body for a long time until he was a toddler. In this case, you should check your baby to a health care specialist. 

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