Saturday 27 June 2015

What to Do For Baby Acne

Baby acne that suddenly appeared in the rash on your baby's face is cute specify its will make the parents might have panicked. Baby acne is not dangerous but it is annoying, it usually does not bother the baby too much.

Most baby acne is caused by hormones from the mother, and usually appear anytime from birth to when the baby is a few weeks old. Like this are common conditions experienced by babies, and acne will disappear by itself, usually disappears when the baby is 6 months old. But there is nothing wrong if you want to speed up the healing process of acne baby. Here I will explain a few things you should know about What to Do For Baby Acne :
  • Try to look the baby's body in areas such as the cheeks, forehead, and the baby's back.
  • Understand that the cause of baby acne has nothing to do with anything you do, but there are things that make baby acne worse.
  • Realize that baby acne will get worse by the saliva that can irritate babies sensitive skin face. Therefore, your actions are keeping the area around babies's mouth as dry as possible.
  • Keep your baby's condition from the heat, because it will add another cause baby acne.
  • Wash your baby's face once a day with cool water and mild soap.
  • Avoid rubbing your baby's face, it will cause irritation to sensitive skin and the wind would worsen acne condition your baby.

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